РОЗДIЛЕНI (English/Ukrainian)

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The all NEW single "TORN" / "РОЗДIЛЕНI" from Steve Major is a powerful song that resonates with people who have experienced feelings of powerlessness. In a world where it's challenging to know what to believe, innocent people caught in the middle of conflicts like the ongoing crisis in Ukraine suffer the most. Steve's song is a message of hope and solidarity with those who feel "Torn" and unable to act from where they are. It's a reminder that they are not alone despite the difficulties, and Steve stands with them. "TORN" / "РОЗДIЛЕНI" is a call to action to unite and support one another, especially those who have been affected by war and conflict. It's a message of empathy and compassion, a reflection of Steve's deep and personal connection to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, and a reminder that music can inspire change and make a difference.